• Single Stage Gas Regulator.
  • Double Stage Regulator.
  • Single Stage Regulator with Flow Meter.
  • Double Stage Regulator with Flow Meter.


Available Regulators

  • Oxygen,  Nitrogen, Carbon dioxide, Helium, Hydrogen, Air,  Argon, Acetylene, Other Non Corrosive


  • Brazing, Cutting, Heating, Welding, Beverages


  • American Electrode Holder 800A
  • American Electrode Holder 600A


Product Details

  • High performance spring still keeps strong clamping after long term use.
  • The handle is made of arc-proof, insulated and impact-resistant material, fast heat dissipation, slow heating up.
  • Pure copper tong jaws has good electricity conduction performance.
  • Thick non-slip handle, ergonomically designed for increased comfort of the operation.
  • Used to clamp the electrode rod during arc welding.


    • Supratherme


    Product Details

    A heavy coated low hydrogen, iron powder type electrode ideally suited for producing tough and ductile welds of radiographic quality in boilers, pressure vessels and heavy structures subjected to dynamic loading. The electrodes have metal recovery of about 115%. Some typical applications include heavy structures subjected to dynamic loading and impact, highly restrained joints, coaches, wagons, penstocks, boilers, pressure vessels, and earthmoving machines.

      Product Details

      Welding Torch / Blender / Blander Las Gloortorcs are commonly used in welding work and are equipped with a double seal on the Welding Eye.



      Brass with Aluminum handle

        Product Details

        • High performance solid copper Saffire ® cutting nozzles for use with Oxy/Acetylene cutting torches & heavy duty Type 3,4,5 cutting attachments.

        • Precision made to the renowned Saffire ® standard for guaranteed performance & safety; cut better and last longer than ALL the cheap imitations!


          Product Details

          • With a high proportion of titanium dioxide (also called titania) the rutile electrode gives a smooth bead surface, easily removal slag and a smooth arc. During the combustion, the flux coating will mainly create carbon dioxide.

          • This flux also contains cellulose. Even though the cellulose content is far lower than for a cellulosic electrode , its presence, along with that of moisture, means that these electrodes produce relatively high levels of hydrogen: up to 25ml/100gm weld metal. This restricts their use to mild steels with a thickness lower than 25mm and thin-section low-alloy steels of the C/Mo and 1Cr1/2Mo type.


            Product Details

            •  The Murex hose check valve is a
              self-aligning non return valve which Is spring
              loaded and detects reverse gas flow; it
              automatically closes, therefore preventing the
              conditions which lead to flashback. Conforms
              to BS EN 730-2.


              Product Details

              • ISI certified gas stove

              • Superior quality brass burners

              • Easy to clean spill tray

              • 68% Plus thermal efficiency

              • Unique pan support for better balance


                Product Details

                • Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), also known as manual metal arc welding (MMA or MMAW), flux shielded arc welding or informally as stick welding, is a manual arc welding process that uses a consumable electrode covered with a flux to lay the weld.

                • SMAW is often used to weld carbon steel, low and high alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and ductile iron. While less popular for nonferrous materials, it can be used on nickel and copper and their alloys and, in rare cases, on aluminum. Furthermore, depending on the electrode used and the skill of the welder, SMAW can be used in any position.


                  Product Details

                  • TIG GCE Electrodes consist of
                    TUNGSTEN Pure – GREEN (WP) which is Used mostly for AC welding of aluminium and magnesium and other less critical, low-current applications.

                    TUNGSTEN + THORIUM 2% – RED (WTh20) which is
                    excellent for DC welding (both negative or positive polarity) on carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel and titanium. The most preferred electrode today for its long lifetime and ease of use.

                    TUNGSTEN + CERIUM 2% – GREY (WCe20) which performs best in DC welding at low current settings and works well also in AC processes. It has a good ignition and very good re-ignition at low amperages, good arc stability and long life.

                    TUNGSTEN + LANTHANUM 1,5% – GOLD (WLa15) which combines the characteristics of seriated electrode and thoriated electrode. Like seriated electrode, it has an excellent arc ignition and an excellent re-ignition, and enable to maintain the arc easily at lower voltages with a good stability.

                    TUNGSTEN + LANTHANUM 2% – BLUE (WLa20)
                    which is an all-purpose tungsten electrode that combines the best features of all the other electrodes. Excellent arc ignition and re-ignition, very good arc stability, excellent current conductivity, the best in maintaining the sharpened end, the longest lifetime.


                    Product Details

                    •  Corrosion resistance: used in a special working environment, frequent contact with some highly corrosive liquid, materials with good corrosion resistance is required, such as PC.
                    • Impact resistance.
                    • Good anti-fog.
                    • Good air permeability with air holes.

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